Ronald MacVicar

Ronald MacVicar


Ronald is leaving NES and leaving PBSGL. For many people, in PBSGL groups round the country, it might not be obvious how significant this is.


However, there would simply be no PBSGL in Scotland without him. Prior to 2003 he went out to Canada to do some educational work with the founders of PBSGL and returned with a mission to start this in Scotland. At the time he was a GP in Inverness. He applied for funding, recruited 5 pilot groups (some of these are still active today, over 15 years later) and researched the effectiveness of this form of education.


Then he steered the expansion of PBSGL from 5 groups to 378 groups, and the membership (which was originally GPs) has grown to include nurses, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. We now have approximately 2,500 active members and this is also embedded in GP Training. Much of this work was done in his spare time.


We could go on endlessly about his achievements, but it is probably more important to say that he has done this in his own quiet way, and without any self-congratulation. He has been a marvellous boss, totally committed and supportive, and he will be very much missed.


Enjoy your retirement, Ronald