Welcome to CPD Connect

Welcome to CPD Connect



Welcome to the brand new website for Continuing Professional Development in Scotland for general practitioners and general practice staff. This website contains information about national CPD activities and resources to help support general practitioners for their CPD, annual appraisal, and for GMC revalidation.

In April 2014, CPD delivery within NHS Education for Scotland changed and we became a national organisation called CPD Connect in order to provide a unified service across Scotland, offering a wider range of resources for Scottish primary care.


What does CPD Connect offer?

  1. An updated website which contains all information about theresources we provide and allows you to book and pay for workshops and Practice Based Small Group Learning (PBSGL) membership without leaving the site.  This website has the unique ability to offer direct upload of your CPD activities to the SOAR site. This allows the recording and storage of your CPD information to be collected over the year and made readily available to you, easing the appraisal process.
  2. Practice Based Small Group Learning (PBSGL) membership.  PBSGL is an innovative approach to CPD for GPs that originated in Canada and has grown steadily in Scotland over the last twelve years. Over 30% of all GPs in Scotland are now involved in PBSGL and the number continues to grow by 10% each year and over recent years has extended to Practice Nurses and Pharmacists.
  3. Bespoke education days in various locations across Scotland, such as our Hot Topics day in Aberdeen in March 2016 and our Cradle to Grave event in Glasgow in May 2016.  These events are unique in that they feature local Consultants and healthcare professionals delivering tailored presentations about what is new in their field of expertise.  These events are completely free from commercial influence.

    Filming of all 2016 events is planned to enable the educational content to be viewed at home from PC and tablet devices for those who may be unable to attend in person, or who prefer to learn this way.
  4. All GPs and their teams across Scotland can attend any meeting/workshop organised by CPD Connect, and have access to information about what is available across Scotland.
  5. Offer learning, with and for, other professions such as practice nurses and pharmacists
  6. CPD Connect is developing new on-line learning modules and other interactive methods of learning including webinars. 


These are just some of the resources that we hope will make CPD more available to you, in convenient and more accessible formats.


Find out about the PBSGL team.