PBSGL Pharmacy Sponsorship

PBSGL Pharmacy Sponsorship

There are limited sponsored PBSGL membership spaces available to pharmacy members.


If you are a pharmacy member and are interested in applying for sponsorship, please read the sponsorship information below.


This education is made available to pharmacy practitioners working within the NHS in Scotland on the understanding that everyone applying for sponsorship will accept certain conditions and agree to these through completion of this form.

The payment of appropriate fees by NES is a considerable investment in you from public funds.

In view of this, you are required to:-

Attend at least 3 PBSGL meetings during each 12 month funding period 

Join or form a PBSGL group of an appropriate size with a trained PBSGL facilitator

Complete the appropriate PBSGL paperwork after each module

Take part in any evaluation of the learning, and

Give an undertaking that you will attempt to put your acquired expertise to good use in improving patient care in NHS Scotland.

Please note that NES does not support the use of pharmaceutical industry`sponsorship` of any kind at pharmacy PBSGL meetings. 

If you need to discuss this further please contact Fiona Stewart at fiona.stewart@nes.scot.nhs.uk or Val Findlay at val.findlay@nes.scot.nhs.uk 


Please register here http://www.cpdconnect.nhs.scot/pbsgl/find-a-group-and-join/become-a-member/