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Courses and Publications

Courses and Publications

Leadership - Develop Self, Others and Service, 25th February 2020

Develop Self, Others and Service (SOS)

This course is aimed at GPs and Pharmacists early in their career who have just started on their leadership journey.  The main focus of this course is on the team.  

The role of a leader of a team.  

The role of the leader within a team (not all leaders lead a team but are part of a team).  

How does a leader ensure that a team works effectively together?  

Other topics covered in the course build on this team-based approach.  What role does the leader play in improving services?  What role does the leader play in the analysis of Significant Events (SEAs)?  What is the role of a leader in the appraisal of others?

Another one day course, the 'Taste of Leadership course' (TOL) focuses on aspects of personal leadership.  Using models e.g. Micheal West, the TOL is ideally completed prior to this course (SOS).  The TOL course gives you an opportunity to reflect and build on developing personal leadership behaviours.


Resource Type: Workshop

Glasgow Tuesday, February 25, 2020 9:30 AM-4:00 PM Contact Organiser Limited Availability
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Less Common Cancers

Published September 2016

Resource Type: PBSGL Module

Module Type: Scottish module

Life-threatening Illnesses in Children

Published June 2018

Resource Type: PBSGL Module

Module Type: Scottish module

Low Back Pain in Adults

Published November 2017

Resource Type: PBSGL Module

Module Type: Tartanised module

Managing Change as a Team: Turning the challenge into positive changes for your team

Published November 2018 (Scottish Module)

Resource Type: PBSGL Module

Module Type: Scottish module

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