Set Up Your Own Group

Set Up Your Own Group


How to Set up a PBSGL Group

Setting up your own PBSGL group is relatively straightforward. All you need is a group of like-minded people, a room to meet in, and to attend the one day facilitator course which we run several times a year.

The role of facilitator is fundamental to the PBSGL programme. The group dynamics, individual learning, and the continuing life of the group, are all affected by the ability of the facilitator. The facilitator training is not rocket science - but it really is essential if you want to get the most out of the PBSGL process. For example there is a unique "summing up" at the end of a PBSGL meeting, which helps drive the learning into clinical practice. This process is led by the facilitator.

The groups function more or less independently, meeting as often as they wish. Most groups meet once a month. There is not any particular equipment etc that is required: many groups meet in health centres or the group members' homes. Some use conference centres, in which case you want the simplest room available.

PBSGL Facilitator Training

PBSGL facilitators are the backbone of the programme. Each group functions more or less independently, meeting when and where they wish, studying modules chosen by the group. The arrangement and facilitation of meetings, and recording of activity, is done by the facilitator.

PBSGL thrives on having 'peer facilitators'. The facilitator is not the expert on the topic during a meeting and does not have any more 'importance' in the meetings, than any normal group member. For the same reason, in the GPST groups, all the facilitators are GPSTs.

Training and support are provided for each facilitator. The training currently delivered via Teams which lasts about 2.5 hours. The course is free of charge and is enjoyable and informative. 

Further information and training dates are detailed under PBSGL Facilitator Training Dates on our website.


The PBSGL Team are keen to ensure that those interested in setting up a new group or seeking to sustain an existing one can access Facilitator Training as required so please do email our team to register your interest if the available dates do not suit.  We will make every effort to try and make arrangements for you.


Please e-mail to apply for the training.