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How PBSGLs work

How PBSGLs work

What happens in a PBSGL meeting?

To form a PBSGL group, Practitioners organise themselves into small learning groups (between 6 and 12 is optimum). Members can be all from one GP practice or from several practices. Groups meet in their local communities at times, places and frequencies of their own choosing. Each group chooses one of its members to act as a facilitator. This facilitator requires specific training, which is not difficult, but does make the process run more smoothly. Please see Set Up Your Own Group for further information.


The groups study specially-designed educational modules which are provided to all members on a password-protected part of our website.  The group selects which of them they will discuss and in what order. There is a sample module below.
The group discusses the modules in an open (but facilitated) discussion. In trying to answer the problems, the group members refer to their own experience, and the information section of the module. The information section is not a thorough review; rather it represents best available evidence relevant to the problems detailed in the case histories. Emphasis is placed on issues that are of particular relevance to Primary Care.
On completion of a module, the group is required to undertake an evaluation and complete an on-line log sheet, which is submitted on their behalf by the group Facilitator. The purpose of this is not only as an element in the continuous quality improvement of module production, but (more importantly) to assess group members' commitment to change. Copies of the log sheet response then become available to each member online and can be used by group members to support the appraisal process (for GPs this can be directly uploaded to SOAR from the CPD Connect website).

Please click on the link below to see a sample of one of our modules:

Sample Module: Short Cases Paediatrics


To join PBSGL click on this link - and complete the online registration form. If you have already agreed with a group to join please note the group code and or facilitators name on the relevant section of the form.


If you have not yet found a group you could use the 'find a group' function on this website which you can accesses via this link - which allows you to search for a group and request to join a specific group. If you have not identified a suitable group using our 'find a group' function on the online registration form please indicate which geographical area you would prefer the group to be located (please be as specific as possible e.g. Glasgow West End). This will help the PBSGL team to narrow down their search for a suitable group for you.


Once you have found a group the PBSGL Team will make arrangements with you for your annual membership fee to be paid in order that you can gain access to the modules.


The annual membership fees are:


GPs: £130                 

Nurses working in General Practice/Primary Care: £65  (funded memberships available until 31st March 2021) 

Co-Facilitators: £65    

Facilitators: FREE

Pharmacists & Pharmacy Technicians: Please see Pharmacy Sponsorship page -