How to Design Your Work Better?

How to Design Your Work Better?

How to Design Your Work Better? `12/05/2020

The NES Safety & Improvement Team, in partnership with other UK and international institutions and experts, has led the development and publication of guidance for health and social care teams on how to design usable and safe work procedures

Examples of typical work procedures include things such as checklists, flow diagrams, standard operating procedures and written instructions – the types of aids that we all use to help us standardise what we do to make our jobs easier and more efficient. 

The project has been led by Prof Paul Bowie, NES Programme Director (Safety and Improvement).  He said: “Good work procedures are essential to support best practice and reduce risks at work.  We felt the time was right to produce some easy to follow guidance that health and care teams can use when they are designing and implementing new working procedures or checking that the ones they are using are fit for purpose,” he added. 

“The guidelines are not just for use in the current battle against COVID-19.  They are there to help teams design new ways of working as we adapt our normal processes and innovate our way out of this global crisis” he said.

The interactive infographic, poster and more detailed guidance can be accessed >here<