What is Protected Learning Time

What is Protected Learning Time


Protected Learning Time (PLT) is an opportunity for practice staff to address their own learning and professional development needs. Put simply, practices in a locality or within a Community Health Partnership (CHP) close for an afternoon to allow for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) learning activities.

The frequency of PLT can vary from one afternoon per month to once every few months. During that "protected" afternoon, staff members engage in activities designed to meet their identified learning needs.

PLT Schemes can involve three types of meetings

CHP-wide meetings in large conference / workshop settings
A number of practices in the same locality joining together for meetings
Individual practice-based meetings, either as a whole practice team or in small groups of the same role
The learning activities undertaken during these meetings can be uni-disciplinary or multi-disciplinary depending on the identified learning needs of the participants. Topics can be a mix of clinical and non-clinical areas.

For help in planning PLT sessions please see the online guide below:

PLT Scheme Online Guide