New Online PBSGL Facilitator Training

New Online PBSGL Facilitator Training

New Online PBSGL Facilitator Training `01/10/2020

New Online PBSGL Facilitator Training Launched!


The CPD Connect Team have been busy over the last few months working on our new Facilitator Training package.


You are now able to participate in this from the comfort of your own surgery, office or living room!  Learning is split into two units:


  • Unit 1 - short e-learning module on Turas Learn
  • Unit 2 – two hour live session on Microsoft Teams


Unit 1 gives some background information about facilitating a PBSGL group and Unit 2 lets you put this into practice in a safe space.


We asked our first participants how easy they felt it would be to implement their learning in their own groups.  They said:


“Should be able to as group already established and have been participant in PBSGL before” [GP member]


“I feel it will be easy to translate the learning into practice once started and using it, once first couple of groups have been taken and nerves of taking new group out of the way.” [General Practice Nurse member]


“Very easy. Hoping to see how it works in a group of people new to PBSGL” [GPST3 member]


“I have already facilitated a meeting on the back of my facilitator training. I found the learning very useful for that first meeting and will refer to it often” [GPST member]


“very easy... good to practise the actual scenario with other people” [Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner]


If you are setting up a new group or your group is looking to train up a new trained facilitator/co-facilitator then you can find details of our upcoming sessions and how to apply here:


For further information please do not hesitate to contact us at