Hot Topics modules receives new name

Hot Topics modules receives new name

Hot Topics modules receives new name `29/06/2015

The popular Hot Topics PBSGL clinical modules will be continuing to be written for the foreseeable future - see the list of forthcoming modules in the latest PBSGL newsletter. However there has been some confusion over the title, and the aim of these modules.

In the past we used the Hot Topics booklet with the permission of the production company NB Medical, who as you may know run Hot Topics lectures throughout the UK, issuing their backup booklet to those who attend. Over the last few years we have changed our writing method, to include information from many other sources as well, and the topics have become more wide-ranging. For both these reasons it is not really appropriate to carry on with this title.

We simply propose to change the title of all these modules to "which previously appeared on the website as "Hot Topics - Infant Feeding" will now be called "Short Cases - Infant Feeding."

The format of the modules will not change. It is important to note that these modules do not go into great detail about the various short cases studied. Instead the aim is to focus on what clinicians "need to know" on the various clinical areas. Occasionally we get feedback from groups asking us to provide more information on topics (for example, Cow's Milk Allergy).  However to provide extensive information in the context of these "short case" modules would not be possible in the space available.