Pilot of PBSGL in Denmark – An Update

Pilot of PBSGL in Denmark – An Update

Pilot of PBSGL in Denmark – An Update `09/11/2017

We recently received an update from our colleagues in Denmark on their pilot of PBSGL and wanted to share this with our members. The project is going very well and they are keen to explore how PBSGL can be adopted more generally across the country. 


Module Production

To date, three Scottish modules have been translated into Danish and published for study by the pilot groups. These modules are:


  • 1: Paediatrics Short cases

  • 2: Anaemia in the elderly

  • 3: Allergy


Three further modules are scheduled as follows:

  • 4: Inflammatory Bowel Disease (end November 2017)

  • 5: The last Scottish translated module, topic not yet determined (mid April 2018)

  • 6: A Danish module on hypo and hyperthyroidism written by GPs in Denmark (end May 2018)


The Danish team are gathering evaluations and conducting focus groups based on the first three modules with a view to carrying out phase 1 of their evaluation of PBSGL. They hope to have a report by the beginning of December 2017.


Phase 2 of their evaluation will consist of a questionnaire evaluation on modules 4-6 and a focus group interview on module 6. It is planned that their final report will be available in the autumn of 2018.


Preliminary reports are so far very positive. The groups find the modules very relevant and academically of high quality. The PBSGL groups have also adopted the method very quickly and the facilitators feel confident in their role.


17 groups commenced the pilot but one dropped out due to personal problems with some of the group members (not due to the method or group in general).


The Danish team have reported that the rewriting/translation process has been more time consuming than expected, and there are some differences in how we do things in Scotland compared to Denmark. However, they found that having a framework to work on has been a great help, especially to begin with. They now have 3 GP writers and have used specialists on every module, and two more writers are being added to work on the 4th and 5th modules.


Next Steps:

All five regions of Denmark are interested in taking PBSGL forward and are discussing how to build an organisation that could support the production of PSBGL modules. We continue to be available to them for support at every step.