PBSGL Module Writer Recruitment

PBSGL Module Writer Recruitment

PBSGL Module Writer Recruitment `21/03/2023

PBSGL writers are active clinicians (GPs, GPSTs, GPNs, ANPs, Community Pharmacists) who are members of a PBSGL group. Each module is produced by two writers, under the guidance of an editor, and a total of 14 sessional payments per module is available to be split between the writers, at a ratio that suits them both (current rate is £196.36 per session).


Writers have 10-12 weeks to complete the writing phase of module production. Within this time they are supported by the module editor and the admin team. Writers lead the module focus group, over what’s app, at the start of the writing phase to inform the learning outcomes for the module. They are also involved in module evaluation.


Writers need to have good time management, an ability to review and distill best evidence (or a willingness to learn how to do this). They must work effectively as part of a team and stick to deadlines. The current module production team are a fun, supportive and creative bunch. New writers will be supported by a mentor and have the opportunity to access professional development opportunities to grow in their role.


We are particularly keen to encourage interest from people who feel they are from an under-represented group in order to increase the diversity of perspectives in our writing team. If you are interested, or would like to know more please contact pbsgladministrator@nes.scot.nhs.uk