PBSGL modules due to be removed from the website

PBSGL modules due to be removed from the website


The following PBSGL modules are now 5 or more years old and will therefore be removed from the website on 31st January 2019:


Abnormal Uterine Bleeding - Published April 2013 (Tartanised Module)

Joint Pain - Published February 2013 (Tartanised Module)

Adults with Incapacity - Published March 2013 (Scottish Module)

Pre-Hospital Care of Emergencies - Published August 2013 (Scottish Module)

Leadership Module - Published November 2013 (Scottish Module)

Child Protection - Published August 2013 (Scottish Module)

Chronic Abdominal Pain in Children - Published September 2013 (Tartanised Module)

End of Life Care - Published Published March 2011 and updated September 2013 (Scottish Module)

Drugs and the Elderly - Published February 2013 (Tartanised Module)

Patient Safety High Risk Medicines - Published March 2013 (Scottish Module)


If you had already planned to cover any of the above modules at your next meeting which falls after 31st January, let us know and we can let you have a copy of the module.