PBSGL Writing Competion

PBSGL Writing Competion

PBSGL Writing Competion `30/08/2018

This year the PBSGL team decided to ask our membership if any of you would like to take part in a writing competition. The prize was not monetary – we would not be happy with using your membership fees as such – but instead we suggested that the winner become an author, and join the writing team.


The method was to ask the entrants to pick a topic, and write a single Case, with an appropriately short Information Section and Case Commentary. The criteria used by the judges was to look for fluent writing, good summarising of the information, and sensible Primary Care management


The top three entries were of very good quality and we suggested to all three that they join our team. One of them sadly is about to emigrate to Australia but we have hopes that the others will consider joining the small but vibrant group of individuals who do the writing for us, throughout Scotland.


The winner was Fiona Collier, a GP in Alva, Forth Valley. Her entry was on Psoriatic Arthropathy and will be included in the new “Short Cases – Rheumatology” module planned for 2019. Fiona will be the lead author on that module.


Many thanks to those who entered and we may run another contest in the future so watch this space.


Peter McCalister

Clinical Lead, PBSGL